SJ Walkies is a communication rental and sales company, located at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, CA. We specialize in two-way radio (walkie-talkie) rentals and solutions for special events and productions. Our goal is to provide memorable customer service and reliable equipment that keeps you connected during your event. We achieve this by offering free delivery and pick-up of equipment, 24-hour technical support and free accessories.


At SJ Walkies, we are all about being professional, while having a little fun. Whoevers says you can't have both, doesn't know us!


The SJ Walkies Team



Jen is originally from the PnW (Pacific Northwest). She loves the color orange (really it's hot pink, but SJ orange is a close 2nd) and hates the rain (but knows we need it). Never leave her open beyond the 3-point arc.

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Services Manager

Got a radio on the fritz or just want to rap about how radios actually work? Brian is your guy. Literally. He also makes a mean (in a good way) homemade mustard.


Office Manager

Thav first joined the team as the annual summer intern. He is here to help with all your walkie needs. Thav speaks five languages and LOVES listening to heavy metal music (in French).


Rentals Manager

Jorge is the man behind the walkies. His #1 focus is making sure our clients are happy with their equipment. When not handling all your walkie rental needs, he is out playing soccer.


Sales Manager

David is the answer to all your walkie prayers. He's in charge of keeping the shelves stocked with everything from eartips to headsets to the new Motorola DLR. And, yeah, we think he looks familiar too.


Office Mascot

Iggy joined the SJ Walkies team in May of 2013. His most favorite part about walkies is hiding the antennas from Jorge. Most days you can find Iggy on the playground or jumping.

Allie "Andretti"


Allie is your knight in shining armor. You're in Malibu? Not a problem. You're in Pasadena? Not a problem. You're in the LBC. Yep, not a problem. She's from SF, but bleeds Dodger Blue.


Social Media Guru

If you want to really know SJ Walkies, then you must know Alexis. Not only does she enjoy smelling the flowers, but she's passionate about LA and all the events (and sunsets) it has to offer.

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DJ Rameyla 

Assistant to Office Mascot

In October of 2016, DJR filled the highly sought after position of ATOM. She loves balloons, grapes and her big brother more than anything in the world.

Want to be a part of the SJ Walkies Team?

Email us at for openings.

SJ Walkies
c/o Raleigh Studios
5300 Melrose Ave
Hollywood, CA 90038
Office: 310-295-7728
E-fax: 310-943-2225


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